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The Ultimate Guide to Experiencing the South of France

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

The South of France, with its picturesque landscapes, Mediterranean allure, and rich cultural heritage, has long been a magnet for those seeking the finer things in life. And nestled within this stunning region is the epitome of luxury, Chateau de Garibondy. In this ultimate guide, we'll explore the sumptuous world of luxury experiences that await you in this captivating part of France.

Chateau de Garibondy: A Glimpse into our Chateau to Rent South of France

At the heart of this guide is our jewel, Chateau de Garibondy. Perched in the serene South of France, this historic chateau is a sanctuary of luxury and sophistication. As you step through its grand gates, you'll enter a world where timeless elegance and modern comfort harmoniously coexist.

The history of Chateau de Garibondy is a tapestry woven with threads of nobility, aristocracy, and royal connections that stretch back centuries. This remarkable chateau has borne witness to a multitude of historical moments, each contributing to its unique character and charm.

The earliest chapters of the chateau's history unfold in the mid-18th century when it graced the landscape as a substantial property. During this era, it served as a cherished hunting lodge for the bishops of Brignoles, offering respite amid the pristine surroundings of the South of France. The octagonal tower, a distinctive architectural feature, is believed to have been added during the reign of François 1er, further enhancing the chateau's allure.

In the late 19th century, a new chapter began as Chateau de Garibondy found itself under the ownership of Lord Alfred Paget. Lord Paget, a prominent figure in his own right, held the esteemed position of Chief Equerry to the Royal Household. His lineage traced back to the 1st Marquess of Anglesey, renowned for leading the heroic charge at the Battle of Waterloo. This connection to British nobility bestowed an air of distinction upon the chateau.

It was during Lord Alfred Paget's ownership that a touch of royalty graced the chateau's grounds. His wife, Lady Cecilia Paget, held the prestigious roles of lady-in-waiting and wardrobe mistress to none other than Queen Victoria herself. In a moment of historical significance, Queen Victoria visited Chateau de Garibondy and left her mark by planting the magnificent pine tree that graces the main terrace. This grand gesture was a tribute to the birth of her godson, forever intertwining the chateau's history with that of British royalty.

For nearly a century, the Paget family nurtured and cherished this splendid property, adding their own chapters to its illustrious story. Today, as guests of Chateau de Garibondy, you have the privilege of stepping into the footsteps of nobility, surrounded by a legacy that continues to define the essence of luxury and refinement in the South of France.

The Pleasures of Chateau de Garibondy- A Luxury Chateau in the South of France

Oval Swimming Pool: Imagine basking in the warm Mediterranean sun by the shimmering waters of our oval swimming pool. With its luxurious loungers and poolside service, it's a serene oasis where relaxation knows no bounds.

Tranquil Gardens: Our chateau is ensconced within lush, manicured gardens that seem to stretch endlessly. Stroll along tree-lined paths, discover hidden nooks, or simply savour a moment of serenity amidst the fragrant blooms.

Tennis Court: For those with a competitive spirit, our private tennis court awaits. Engage in a friendly match or hone your skills with a private instructor. It's your court to conquer.

Additional Accommodation: Beyond the chateau itself, we offer a splendid 3-bedroom villa on-site. Perfect for larger groups or those seeking extra privacy, it's a luxurious retreat in its own right.

Daily Cleaning: Our commitment to your comfort extends to daily cleaning services. You'll enjoy the indulgence of returning to immaculate surroundings after a day of exploration.

Private Chef & 24-Hour Concierge: Elevate your culinary journey with a private chef who can craft exquisite meals tailored to your preferences. And our 24-hour concierge is at your service, ready to fulfil your every request and ensure your stay is nothing short of perfect.

While the luxury of Chateau de Garibondy is undoubtedly enticing, the South of France has much more to offer. Explore the region's charming villages, indulge in world-class dining, sip fine wines at local vineyards, or embark on a yacht excursion along the azure coastline. Our concierge is here to curate bespoke experiences that immerse you in the region's culture and beauty.

In the South of France, luxury is not just a word; it's a way of life. Chateau de Garibondy stands as a testament to this opulent lifestyle, where every moment is designed to elevate your senses and create lasting memories. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or a blend of both, the South of France welcomes you with open arms.

It's time to embark on the ultimate luxury experience, where the beauty of the region and the allure of Chateau de Garibondy unite to create a journey that you'll treasure forever.

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