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Queen Victoria, godmother to Lady Paget

From a hunting lodge

The chateau stood as a substantial property on this site in 1750 when it was used as a hunting lodge by the bishops of Brignoles. However, the octagonal tower is thought to date from the time of François 1er.


In the late nineteenth century Lord Alfred Paget, Chief Equerry to the Royal Household and 6th child of the1st Marquess of Anglesey, famed for leading the charge in the Battle of Waterloo, acquired the chateau.

His wife, Lady Cecilia Paget, was a lady-in-waiting and wardrobe mistress to Queen Victoria, who visited the chateau and planted the magnificent pine tree that provides  shade to the main terrace. King Edward VII also visited on many occasions as he was attracted to one of the Paget daughters. The Paget family owned the property for almost 100 years.

Lady Paget, lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria who lived at Chateau Garibondy for many years
pin parasol planted by Queen Victoria in the hilltop gardens of Chateau de Garibondy, one of the most spectacular villas to rent south of France
Queen Victoria château de Garibondy south of France Lady Paget lady in waiting

to a family home

In 1953 the chateau was bought by the Douglas family from Arizona, USA, who were responsible for the construction of the large oval swimming pool.

Subsequently the chateau was the home of the Comte and Comtesse de Chambrun (Raine Spencer, the stepmother of Diana, Princess of Wales). The chateau still contains Spencer furniture from Althorp, the Spencer family home.

The château is presently owned by an English family who have restored the chateau and modernised its facilities.

chateau de garibondy garden
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